North Carolina Department of Correction

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Inmates housed in regular population at all facilities except Central Prison will be allowed to make telephone calls to family and friends.

Telephone Service Provider

The North Carolina Department of Correction (NCDOC) has contracted with Global Tel*Link (GTL) to provide phone service to allow inmates to make collect calls to their families and friends.

To Set Up An Account Contact: 
                GTL AdvancePay Automated System:  1-800-483-8314 
                GTL Customer Service Center:  1-866-230-7761 
AdvancePay Fees:

Check Payment: No charge and no limit on deposit amount
Money Order Payment: No charge and no limit on deposit amount
Credit Card Payment: $4.75 processing fee
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Payment: $4.75 processing fee
Internet Web Payment $9.50 processing fee (Pass-on fee from TouchPay)
Western Union $9.95 (Western Union fees determined by Western Union)
Close Account $5.00 Administrative fee

One can set up or add funds to your GTL AdvancePay account in the following ways: 

Monthly statements are not mailed by GTL, but can be requested by contacting the Customer Service Department.

Call Charges

Collect Call Rates
Local IntraLATA InterLATA Interstate
$1.05 $3.65 $3.75 $17.30 

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