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JCW has been servicing Law Enforcement Facilities since 1991 with facilities throughout the nation with rapid response repair. JCW offers Prompt and Courteous customer service, 24/7 repair response with durable and state-of-the-art equipment.

All of JCW equipment is installed free of charge to the facility and the facility is never billed for any services. JCW offers one of the highest commission rates for calls made from your facility. Commission checks are mailed on a monthly basis.


Investigative Alerts:
JCW can provide your agency with the ability to alert your investigative or administrative staff anytime an inmate attempts to call a predetermined set of numbers such as Judges, Administrative Staff, Media Agencies, etc.

Call Recording:
JCW can arrange for all calls to be recorded and listened to at a later date. These calls can be accessed via a secure web connection and listened to by PIN# or Destination number. Calls can be archived to CD or DVD at your agencies discretion.

Live Call Monitoring:
Your investigators will have the option to listen to any live call from a Secure web interface at their desk or other location and can immediately save those calls for later use.

Call Blocking:
Call blocking feature is offered for security and privacy of facility’s staff. Your agency can submit a predetermined list of numbers that are blocked from being dialed by the inmates. This list can include Judges, Media Outlets, High Profile criminals, Public Agencies, and any other numbers you do not want inmates calling.

Pin Pan Administration:
PIN numbers or Personal Identification Numbers are assigned to inmates by the facilities. PAN numbers or Pre Authorized Numbers, are numbers assigned by the facilities either at booking or at a later time and are assigned to a specific PIN number. Inmates are only allowed to call PAN's that are assigned to their PIN. These numbers are assigned using a secure Web interface and are easily administered by facility staff.

Prepaid Debit Cards:
JCW offers Prepaid debit cards that can be ordered and retrieved for distribution through the facilities commissary utilizing a secure Web portal.

Bank Card Calling:
Traditionally certain numbers have been unable to be called due to the inability to accept collect calls. JCW offers the ability to place calls to numbers such as business and cell phones using a bank card billing process. This process will allow the recipient to enter a credit or debit card number to receive calls from an inmate. This process is secure and is highly effective in generating revenue for your facility.

Reverse Lookup:
While monitoring an existing call or searching previous calls, you will have the ability of performing a reverse number lookup to get information on the recipient including name and address.

Call Detail:
From JCW’s secure Web portal you can monitor all completed calls, attempted calls, and length of calls. JCW also offer a full series of reports that can be printed and downloaded. Reports can be useful in tracking criminal connections, investigations, and abuse.

One Time Name Recording:
When setting up PIN numbers, an inmate can set up a name recording that will be used to announce who the call is from. This is a useful tool to prevent inmates from passing messages to recipients who do not accept collect calls. Inmates record their name when the PIN is established and the facility administrator can review the name to ensure it is appropriate.

Custom Voice Prompts:
JCW can customize the voice prompts to each facility. Your facilities voice prompts will be unique and set up to your requirements. Multi-language options are standard.

Network Monitoring:
Our system is monitored 24/7 by our operations center. We also offer software to you that will notify you of network outages and status reports in real time.

Call Diversion Alerts:
JCW notifies customer when a destination number attempts to transfer or conference a call made from their system.

Phone Control:
Facilities are given the ability to control what hours the phones may be used, numbers called, as well as the ability to perform a complete lockdown on all phones.


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