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How can I make inmate telephone calls for less?

Stop making collect inmate phone calls from jail!

Making inmate phone calls from jail for less is simple, it just requires abit of research on your local inmate telephone calling system.

First off, know that you are using a special type of phone system to make your calls. This inmate telephone call system has special restrictions and features (such as call monitoring and recording), that you should take the time to know about. To learn more, don't miss our article inmate telephone system and inside inmate telephone systems.

The key to making inmate phone calls from jail is simple this: learning the inmate telephone call system and how your jail functions to work out a plan on making inmate phone calls from prison.

Learning the system to make inmate phone calls for less

The first step in learning the system to make inmate telephone calls for less is to know which system you are using. You can do this by asking around, looking at the phone setup at the prison or inquiring directly via phone or the internet. We recommend you try to talk to a prison services contact at the prison in question. Use your phone book or the internet to look up the prison and call.

Here are the most common phone calling options available:

These services allow you to make outgoing inmate phone calls from prison but generally there are some restrictions. Calls to cellular phones are usually disallowed. To learn more about the restrictions and features, read our article inmate telephone system.

Since the inmate telephone system has some restrictions and high cost, a common question is how can I get around the restrictions and how can I save on long distance fees? The answer depends on your institution, but here are some ideas and services that may be of use. Please check your institution for the legality of these methods.
Local Numbers with Call Fowarding

Using local numbers with call forwarding is usually simple. Phone numbers can be forwarded to other phone numbers. Sometimes these numbers are blocked by the inmate phone service but often they are not. In this case, technologies such as Phone Power Broadvoice and Skype exist which allow you to get incoming phone calls from a local or national number forwarded to a local, international phone or computer.

Here are a examples:

Example 1: An individual sets up a Phone Power Broadvoice number and gets a virtual number in the same area code as the prison. An individual configures the Phone Power Broadvoice service to forward to their cellular phone located out of state or takes the call from home. An inmate calls an Phone Power Broadvoice phone number. The number automatically and transparently forwards the call to the configured phone number. Inmate pays local call rate but gets long distance services plus calls can be forwarded anywhere. Don't miss a jail phone call again. This is the service I would use, hightly recommended. Click below or call toll free: 1-844-588-1593 to learn more about Phone Power Broadvoice.

Example 2: An inmate calls the local Skype number and the call is forwarded with Skype to a Skype account on a mobile phone or computer anywhere in the country. The inmate is charged local call rate and the computer receiving the call can be anywhere in the world. Usage of such services allow phone and cellular phone forwarding and can help inmates make phone calls. Skype is popular although call quality is sometimes an issue. I have used Skype successfully although Phone Power Broadvoice is a better option and Skype has been suspected of government spying.

Conference Phone Numbers

Using conference numbers allow inmates to make phone calls to a phone number with more then one participant. An inmate can dial a number and interact with another who has dailed into the conference. This is sometimes known as a three-way call and is usually prohibited although it may be performed.

Many of our readers use Phone Power Broadvoice, which not only saves you 60-70% on your phone bill using your internet connect but has a 3way calling feature and virtual phone number support.

Another excellent service with call forwarding is TextNow. TextNow installs on mobile phones and is free. Visit:

Virtual Number Services: TextNow | Skype | PhonePower | eVoice | SpoofCard

Phone Cards

Phone cards are a common way to make cheap phone calls as they have local access numbers but are often banned in prison. An example is an inmate in New York needs to call Alaska. The inmate calls a local phone card access number, logs in to their phone card account and uses the account to dial out to Alaska, saving on long distance and bypassing restrictions.

Spoof Cards are also available, although I would suspect forbidden in prisons. They allow you to fake caller id, record your phone calls and change your voice.

We have also heard it is possible to setup incoming call forwarding from a Phone Power Broadvoice number to a SpoofCard account and make phone calls from jail to any number with voice changing and number faking at a low rate. Example: Prisoner calls Phone Power number. Phone Power is configured to forward to Spoof Card. Prisoner enters Spoof Card details and can then use Spoof Card to dial out to any number with voice changing and caller ID faking. We recommend you check the legality with your prison before trying anything like this to avoid problems. :)

You may also be interested in learning about Three Way Calling and Call Detection and Avoiding False Three Way Call Detection

These ideas presented will help you on your way to making inmate phone calls. Don't miss out other sections to learn more about inmate telephone services.

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TextNow | Skype | PhonePower | eVoice | SpoofCard

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