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Family members and friends of inmates can set up an Global Tel Link (GTL) ADVANCEPAY prepaid inmate calling account for their respective telephone numbers using credit cards, money orders, checks or through Western Union. Calls that may otherwise be blocked can now be completed through Global Tel Link (GTL)’s ADVANCEPAY program.

Free Chat Feature

A first-time called-party can use the Free Chat feature with the inmate before the party is prompted to setup a Global Tel Link (GTL) ADVANCEPAY account. The Free Chat service is provided only once per destination number. The automated operator´s opening message to the first-time called-party includes the standard branding announcement (that informs the party that the call is from an inmate at the correctional facility, naming both the inmate and the facility, and that the call may be monitored and recorded). Prior to being prompted to accept or reject that call, the party is informed that collect calls are not permitted to that number and the Free Chat and ADVANCEPAY options are explained.

If the party accepts the call, Global Tel Link (GTL) makes the final connection so the inmate and called-party can talk. After using Free Chat, the automated operator breaks into the call and begins the set-up process for establishing an ADVANCEPAY account so customers can accept future calls.

Does It Work?

ADVANCEPAY allows inmates to call your number without the restrictions of standard billing. When an inmate attempts to make a collect call to you and your number cannot accept collect call billing, the ADVANCEPAY automated operator will provide you with the option of setting up a prepaid account with a Visa or MasterCard payment of either $25 or $50. If you do so at this time, you will be re-connected to the inmate and the cost of this call will be deducted from your newly established ADVANCEPAY account. If you cannot establish an ADVANCEPAY account at that time, the inmate will be disconnected and you can call 1-800-483-8314 to establish an ADVANCEPAY account at a later time.

When ADVANCEPAY account reaches the point where it cannot cover the cost of a one minute call, the system will automatically provide you the option to add more money to your account.

All transactions occur in real time. When an inmate places a call to a number set up with an ADVANCEPAY account, funds are deducted from the account as soon as the call is completed.

If you would like to close your ADVANCEPAY account and request a refund of any remaining balance, you must notify Global Tel Link (GTL) within 90 days of the account´s last use. An administrative fee of $5.00 will be deducted from the remaining balance before refund to cover the cost of the account closure. Accounts that remain inactive for more than 90 days are automatically dissolved.


GTL offers inmates the ability to purchase prepaid inmate calling vouchers from the facility or commissary. This option permits direct dialing, complete call control and always increases revenue for the facility.


The facility or the facility´s commissary orders KEEP IN TOUCH Vouchers from Global Tel*Link and sells them to inmates wishing to make prepaid calls. Once in the inmate´s possession, the voucher is taken to any inmate phone. After choosing a language and entering a destination number, the inmate selects menu option 5 to begin the "cashing" process. Following automated prompts, the inmate enters his PIN, the voucher number, and the voucher value. If the PIN is valid and the voucher has not been previously used, the value of the voucher is transferred to the PIN account. The inmate may now place prepaid calls by simply choosing the prepaid call type and entering his/her PIN during call setup, the voucher number is no longer needed. Unlike prepaid inmate calling cards that retain value and are subject to theft, once "cashed" the voucher is useless and can be discarded. If inmate friends and family members wish to purchase prepaid vouchers for an inmate, they can do so by depositing money into the inmate´s commissary account. The inmate can then purchase a voucher using the money deposited in his commissary account. When an inmate leaves the facility with funds still in a debit account, the facility or commissary may request a refund, with its associated Debit Account, may simply be deactivated. If the inmate is re-incarcerated in the future, he or she can use the same PIN for making prepaid calls.


Because this prepaid option operates on Global Tel*Link´s platform, prepaid calls are subject to the same call controls as collect calls. Prepaid calls must be validated before the system will connect the call. Once connected, the call is subject to the facility’s call-duration restrictions, time-of-day restrictions, blocked-number restrictions, and all other call-restrictions.


Refunds is made upon written request following an inmate's release from jail. To obtain a refund, the facility and/or the commissary company must make a written refund request on the inmate´s behalf. The request must include the PIN, the inmate’s name, the mailing address, and the facility name. A refund will only be made if requested by the facility and/or the commissary company.

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