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 All inmate calls, with the exception of those calls placed to attorneys and to foreign consulates shall be subject to monitoring and recording. Due to the high level of security needs on death row, the only telephone privileges available to death row inmates are private calls to attorneys; foreign consulates; and in the event of family crisis.

Inmate telephone procedures

To initiate telephone privileges, inmates shall complete Form DC6-223, Inmate Telephone Agreement and Number List. Each inmate is limited to no more than 10 names and numbers of persons he or she wishes to access. Inmates shall not make three-way telephone calls nor make calls to numbers on the list which are then transferred to other telephone numbers. Inmates shall not be allowed to include business telephone numbers or cell phone numbers on the list.

An inmate shall be allowed to change his or her telephone list once every six months by completing a new Form DC6-223, Inmate Telephone Agreement and Number List. Changes can be made more frequently for the following reasons only:

  1. The number for a person already on the inmate’s list has been changed. Inmates shall provide required documents for change.
  2. The inmate has married and wishes to add the name and telephone number of the spouse.
  3. An inmate shall be allowed to update his or her telephone list when there is a change in telephone providers, an installation of updated equipment or software, or a repair to the equipment, if the department determines that an update of the telephone list would be more efficient in completing the change, installation, or repair.

 Each inmate will be provided with a personal identification number (PIN) which allows him access to the telephone numbers on his calling list.

 Except for calls to attorneys, calls to foreign consulates, or calls during family crisis, calls shall be limited to 15 minutes. Calls to attorneys, calls to foreign consulates, and calls in time of family crisis shall be limited to the amount of time reasonably necessary to accomplish the purpose of the call.
The warden shall determine the frequency with which inmates are allowed to use the monitored telephones based on population to telephone ratios and institutional needs.

All calls from the monitored telephones shall be collect and shall contain a prompt which clearly identifies the call as coming from a Florida Department of Corrections institution.

  1. The prompt will advise the inmate and the party who is called that the call is subject to being monitored and recorded by the Department of Corrections.
  2. The prompt shall clearly identify the caller on a prerecorded message which is input at the time of the inmate’s first call.
  3. The system requires the inmate caller to key in his or her PIN on the key pad before gaining access to an outside line.

 All long distance calls shall be “collect” calls except:
(a) Those authorized in response to family crisis in subsection (5), and

(b) Calls to courts when the inmate is required to participate in a telephone conference hearing. Institutional staff shall place a direct call to the court, using the most efficient and economical means available.

(c) If funds are not available in the account to pay the charge in full, then the account shall be charged in part, up to the amount available. A hold shall then be placed on the inmates account and all subsequent deposits to the inmate’s account shall be applied against the unpaid costs until the debt has been paid.
No inmate shall establish or conduct a business through use of the telephone, or any other avenue of communication, during his or her period of incarceration.

 Misuse of telephone privileges.

(a) An inmate shall not contact by telephone any person who has advised the warden’s office that he does not wish to receive telephone calls from the inmate. Once the inmate is notified of this restriction, any further attempt to communicate by telephone will be considered a violation of this rule and will subject the inmate to disciplinary action.

(b) Inmates shall be subject to having telephone privileges restricted or revoked for abuse of telephone communication services.

Telephone devices for the deaf.

(a) Each institution shall have at least one telephone device for the deaf.

(b) Usage of telephone devices for the deaf shall be limited to thirty minutes per call.


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